Concerned about someone online?

SendHelp is a free online service that offers meaningful and anonymous help to people who have posted in distress.

Click below to send us the details of the concerning post. One of our trained crisis counsellors will reach out and offer them support. Wherever they are. For free.

The difference we're making

"Thank you. Really. Thank you. I know this sounds dumb but I’ve set the blades away today."
"Seriously you reaching out means the world to me."
"Thank you so much for helping me. I am really grateful."
"I just wanna thank you so much for talking the time out of your day/night to talk to me."
"Thank you. It was wonderful to have somebody to talk to."
"Seriously thank you so much."
"You are awesome. You have helped me a lot. Thank you."
"Honestly I can't thank you enough for your kindness"
"Some of the most valued and most important heroes are behind phone screens. Caring for others. Putting them first. Thank you. So much."
"This message means more than you know. Thank you."

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